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Our Activities

We offer a variation of educational courses, and activities that help us further shed a light on sustainable integration. Our lectures on integration, help with opinion formation by contributing to the dissemination of knowledge, affecting attitudes and raising awareness as well as reducing taboos on the subject.

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A united society

We work hard towards a a better, united, and integrated Sweden.

A well integrated society

is a resourceful society.

Do you need guidance sessions for starting your own business?

Come by and book a counseling session with one of our business advisors, we can help you take your first step.

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Starting your own business:

Do you dream of starting your own business? We aid you through the first of the business and you get tips and advice to avoid beginner mistakes. Would you like to find out all that is needed to reach your dream, you should book a counseling appointment with us!

  Do you think about what matters when you run your own business, what should you think of before your kick off? Or maybe you have a business idea that you want to achieve? Together with our experienced course leaders, you get an understanding of the entrepreneur's conditions and the skills required to run your own business.  We review business concepts, business plans, basic business administration, business forms, company registration and budgeting, F-tax and easier accounting. All you need to know to get started and reach your goal of starting something that is your own.

About us


Working creatively with sustainable integration. Through our work on sustainable integration, we help people to create their own plan for a better life in the new home country-Sweden.


Our Igitego Board members have successfully integrated themselves, learned the language, learned about the culture, and worked here in Sweden for several years. Therefore, they have great knowledge of all the wonderful opportunities Sweden has to offer

Our courses

Do you want your students and staff to be able to ventilate attitudes and standards of integration? Do you want tools to address integration problems like discrimination and other difficulties for vulnerable target groups?

A well integrated society is a resourceful society.

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